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Shenzhen Thunder day Faw group hand in hand to develop lithium-ion
No internal combustion engine, no need for gasoline and diesel, just a power lithium-ion battery can bus driving; the rear does not smoke, no air pollution, charging only 20 minutes to 110 kilometers per hour 300 kilometers away ... ... Reporter learned yesterday from Shenzhen Thunder sky energy group, produced by Faw-Faw group hand in hand from Shenzhen Thunder day Lei day recently successful line of electric bus, playing homemade electric vehicle industrialization while Overture, also highlights the new energy revolution in the world of "Chinese power".
"Faw's production electric cars, Thunder sky to provide power. The combination of the two is an important domestic industrialization of electric bus ' milestone '. "Thunder sky energy group, Chairman of Zhong Xin Jia said in an interview with reporters yesterday," Faw Thunder sky is the only lithium-ion electric vehicle development and production cooperation of enterprises. Faw Thunder day electric buses in our cooperation is currently the lead in electric vehicles were permitted to enter the commodity markets. "
Thunder sky battery solve energy crisis
According to the introduction, in the process of exploring solutions to energy and environmental crises, some developed countries began to study the development of electric vehicles as an alternative fuel vehicle products. From the 90 's of the last century, the world's major automakers have invested heavily in the research of lithium-ion batteries, hoped that lithium-ion batteries as a clean energy source to power the automobiles, machinery and equipment, but cannot solve the fatal lithium ion battery's always flammable and manufacturing problems such as high costs and stagnant.
With the invention of Thunder sky high power lithium-ion battery, this human problem has been cracked. "Electric cars to replace cars, battery is key. There are conventional chemical batteries store energy and weight, short life span and safety factor becomes the bottleneck of industrialization development of electric vehicles. "Zhong Xin Jia said, compared with the traditional chemical battery system, Thunder sky lithium ion battery to achieve the revolutionary progress in access to power at the same time, solve the problem of the safety of lithium-ion batteries usually fatal. By the State Ministry of science and technology, Shenzhen City inspection agencies to conduct more rigorous tests, Thunder sky all indicators of lithium-ion batteries are all qualified. Under the support of the relevant departments, Thunder sky company formed a "national 863 plan" lithium battery research and Development Center, and formal cooperation with the nuclear energy Research Institute of Tsinghua University was founded, "Qinghua·Lei Institute of chemical power sources", dedicated to promoting the industrialization of lithium-ion batteries. At present, the Thunder sky high power lithium-ion batteries has started in industrial, civil and military areas to be promoted and applied.
Development of tram technology standards
As China's own brand of batteries, Thunder sky company adhering to their own path of development from the very beginning. Since 1998, Thunder sky company has developed the Thunder sky brand EV-8581A electric vehicle technical specifications, the Thunder Sky Card-EV-8581A EV mileage and energy consumption test methods and the Thunder sky brand EV-8581A electric vehicle acceleration, maximum speed and climb performance test methods and many other enterprise technology standards. Multiple enterprise standards set by its electric vehicle development, becoming China's first electric vehicle technology standards. So far, the Thunder sky batteries in 26 countries to declare a number of patents has this as the "King of the battery" the completely independent intellectual property rights of green energy.
If the traditional internal combustion engine vehicles lag behind the international advanced level in China about 20 years, then only four or five year gap in electric cars, EV core field if the new lithium-ion power battery technology, already in a leading position in China. Academician Chen Liquan believes that proved only in pure electric vehicles can be operated by several batteries of lithium-ion battery performance is best. Made of lithium-ion batteries, and ordinary acid battery, high voltage, high energy density, long life, low self-discharge rate. 83% of the world's reserves of lithium resources in China, in China's energy structure, developing electric vehicles, making full use of low power, and serve.
Hand in hand
Thunder sky high power lithium-ion battery performance automotive industry giant Faw group of all ages. On April 20, 2007, Faw group and Shenzhen Thunder sky Thunder sky signed cooperation agreements available to the Faw passenger car battery, electric commercial CMB focuses on the development of lithium-ion, lithium-ion electric luxury bus lithium-ion electric city buses and three cars. Vehicle powertrain for electric buses by the mine production, performance indicators, designed by Faw jointly with Thunder sky. At present, the project has been put into production with the Wuxi production base in Changchun, in line next year after mass production successfully. According to reports, installing Thunder sky bus life source high power lithium-ion battery, charging a 20-minute walk 300 kilometers, speeds of up to 110 km/h, power consumption of 18 degrees per hundred kilometers, equivalent to about 12 Yuan.
Supporting to electric cars with Faw on August 30 last year, Thunder sky energy group and the Jilin provincial government for "built in liaoyuan of Northeast Thunder power batteries and materials production base" cooperation framework agreement, the two sides agreed economic development zone built in liaoyuan mine in northeast power battery material production base. "Faw jointly with Thunder sky two, put ' wheels ' and ' electricity ' combination will greatly push forward the industrialization of China's electric car. "After more than a year, but Zhong Xin Jia is clearly immersed in the" honeymoon "in excitement. His view of the cooperation is, "show in the world-power status in the new energy revolution, predicts ' tram civilization ' light rising in the East. ” BACK
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