Blight on vehicle leasing industry

China's car rental industry compared with the developed countries in Europe and America, can only be regarded as a little baby. In 1981, China established the first leasing company "China Eastern leasing company", although so far, more than 20 years, but in the 80 's, have set up the leasing company in China is more than 10, and the slow pace of development. Until the 90 's leasing companies, big and small, like mushrooms have been established.
Fast pace of development, however, did not bring the industry's booming, China's car rental industry struggles, have high risk factors, enterprises operation and management problems, but mainly China's car rental industry of "roadblocks" too much development environment is too harsh, so car rental industry has struggled to grow up in the immature State.
Administrative law, business administration, insurance system is not perfect, and many other external factors have hindered the development of leasing companies. However harmful factors on the leasing industry is from the leasing industry itself, the lack of credit institutions, it is the most fundamental reasons hindering the development of leasing. Rent cheat cheat car rental arrears phenomena, such as the leasing industry appears to be the biggest scourge. Some car rental companies were tricked into vehicle 3% a year, resulting in losses of more than its turnover of 6%, some small businesses being cheated even above 30%, often from being deceived and lead to bankruptcy. Some leasing companies are also the drivers attention. Maintenance may potentially unsafe vehicle or vehicle to the user, if the vehicle is damaged during the rental period, it was taken to the repair shop and leasing companies in partnership with, "scams". Dozens of even less maintenance costs, but hundreds of charge even more. Such phenomenon is not uncommon. So lack of credit system for leasing companies, lost customers, and for rental cars for lease companies lost trust.
All in all, a sound credit system is the leasing company and good relations between the car rental guarantee. But also to ensure normal development of the leasing industry. BACK
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