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Toronto Transit Commission, and shared the car rental company Zipcar announced yesterday, the passengers of the car rental company will hold monthly, provides added car rental network, and a series of discount car rental. Bus passengers have the opportunity to give up private cars.
The agreements reached in accordance with rental cars and buses, and monthly pass holders who wish to join the rental network income contributions from 30 yuan, when the annual fee reduced from 55 Yuan to 30 yuan, together can save 55 Yuan. In addition, from now until February 4, monthly ticket holders to join car rental network, you can also enjoy hourly car rental discount 20%.
At yesterday's press briefing, Toronto said Rodder, Zipcar, car hire companies to provide services, and the Toronto Transit Commission's services, the goal is consistent, is to make members of the public can not own a car, giving prompt activity outside the city.
He said their car rental company currently has 360 cars in Toronto, where parking for my car, in a heavily populated area, Metro station and within walking range. Car rental and bus cooperation can complement each other, encourage the bus passengers holding a ticket, no longer owns or long term rent a car.
President Zhang Benli said the bus, shared rental car company to join Toronto bus monthly pass greater added value, now and in the future the bus passengers are given one more choice.
Zipcar car rental company is the newest member of the Toronto Transit Commission monthly productivity programme. Monthly value plans bus was initiated by the Bureau in recent years, have had attend the Toronto attractions, bus monthly pass holders to travel to these places can receive discounts.
Zipcar, the company claimed to be the world's largest car rental company, set up in 14 cities in North America. In addition to outside Toronto and Vancouver, cities including New York, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, and so on. The company in 2005 in Toronto. By 2007, has been promoting sustainable transportation obtained form the Toronto Green Award.
It is estimated that one Zipcar rental cars, a reduction of about 15 to 20 private-owned cars. In addition, a recent survey found that people participate in the car rental network, will increase the use of the bus 47%, increase, and increased walking 25% cycling 10%. BACK
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