Chinese new year car rental early to plan the best contract

2010 Spring Festival is only 1 month, but Shenzhen rental cars starting early "next year".
Available to the light traffic seven days order
Shenzhen leasing company has now more than more than 200, but most of them are small companies, actual available for vehicles is not much.
"General seven-day minimum, plus a months-long tenant. "Shenzhen franchisees, usually rent a car will not deliberately taken into account customer is short term rental or long term rent, not expected to require time, but no one Spring Festival peak season not to worry about the car rental. Extension of rental time not only give yourself time off, also taking into account the maximum benefit, because the car rental return is unlikely to let out again during the holiday season.
Car rental the best contract
During the spring, train tickets, "a ticket", airline tickets or discounts, and most people think of the rental home. And many people think that returning home for Spring Festival to take their new year to run around with his family, relatives, a car much easier. It also makes a good deal soon army of ethnic books have joined Chinese new year car rental.
Chinese new year car rental market is still booming, it is estimated that years ago there will be difficult to get a car. Therefore, industry insiders remind rental cars, in addition to the earlier plan, still need to pay attention to two points, car rental to choose normal car rental companies, because the regular car hire company will provide insurance, vehicle safety will be guaranteed. In General, regular rental cars car rental companies have done a "full". Also of note is, car rental sign "responsibility, the right to" reasonable rental contract. BACK
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