Summer holiday, car hire the most "hot"

Reporter was informed yesterday learnt from a number of car rental companies, hot weather also brought fire to the car rental industry, many people have chosen to rent a car to travel the summer weekend drivers have increased markedly, some car rental companies rent a car need to line up early and even "book".
"Summer child a holiday at home, parents can rent a car with children and parents to travel. "A car rental company's General Manager, told reporters that" the order of the day is about more than 10 to more than 20 vehicles. "Leasing companies told reporters, since the summer, the company received many reservations phone every day, every Friday, vehicles will be very tense, sometimes come to car rentals and consulting customers also need to line up. "Half a month ago, we rented a Buick 7-seater minivan, car rental who is visiting the island summer home of six, price is 5800 Yuan a month. "Leasing company manager told reporters.
"Rent a car and go out and play not only suffer from transfer, play easier, and more cost-effective. "Is a car rental company Advisory Cabinet stand Mr Wang told reporters that compared to join tours travel travel fees, car rental travel costs less, and it's free.
This reporter has learned, the current town car rental market, according to the brand of rental vehicles, car rental prices are generally divided into high, medium and low gear. Public if monthly or long term rental, you will have certain concessions. BACK
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