Rental car playing guess the red and blue pencils fraud

The original "guess the red and blue pencils" fraudulent "upgrade", renting buses for "serial cheat" fool robbery. A few days ago, the gang is out by municipal Public Security Bureau bus station, 12 suspects were arrested.
3700 Yuan a day rent a car crime
Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau bus station received a report saying many times, when you take the long-distance bus in Longgang, someone posing as a passenger, "guess the red and blue pencils" to defraud, cheated not robbery, and injured passengers in the Bao ' an, Huizhou, Dongguan and other places, a bad influence. Immediately set up a task force of City Public Security Bureau bus branch, work is in full swing.
After communicating with an injured victim, police found the gang of "guess the red and blue pencils" fraudulent practices than in the past, there is a clear difference. In this series of cases, the vehicles of the crime was "private". Deceived masses are on the street near the bus station in Longgang, was "warm" the driver and conductor of the bus. No matter where victims say, they should first get cheated. In addition, the groups in order to ensure the "attendance", sometimes bribe soliciting other bus passenger totals to the crime after the car.
According to the police investigation, crime bus is a regular licence of long distance commercial vehicles, but drivers with a 3700-Yuan price of "rent" to the criminal gang.
Diverse roles debut "serial cheating"
Half a month later, the gang's activities gradually were police. October 23 at 5 o'clock in the morning, the Panel sent plainclothes police pretend passengers, to suspicious vehicle to find out.
According to the plainclothes police recalled, after he was back on the bus, I found almost every row of seats on the bus, sat a man, later the passenger seat can only be interspersed among them. Then came an old man and exclaims he is ill, cannot see the light crew will all the curtains were drawn. After driving part of the way, hitting on a young man and the old man, invited him to play guessing games red and blue pencils and promised his old man of 200 Yuan if it is lost, old man if only pays 100 Yuan. He immediately agreed and got out of a black plastic bag, said his gambling money is abundant.
Few rounds down, is the old man to lose money. Old man arguing with younger men or money, the men were entangled, however, gave the old man a cigarette, the old man fainted on the seat. At this point, someone claiming to be the "owner" of middle-aged men. He wigged are preparing young men for stealing money from the old man body, and the man got out of the car. Shortly thereafter, the "owner" save up a smoke "unconscious" the old man and told the man not to be deceived. Old man but is not fully conscious clear, loudly refuted "owner" broke him good opportunities to win money and repeatedly forced "owner" and his play guess pencils in the game. "Owner" won the old man.
"The mind is not clear" old man lose more money you want to bet, to the "owner" of provocation. "Owner" and inciting the passengers get property, saying "to bet big and crazy old man." Criminal gangs "Tiger fight," "The Sting", the car the passengers chip in "owner" of gambling. For dividends, many passengers take out cell phones, cash, even owners of bank cards to play, man. More than 10 minutes, the passengers on the bus will gather together more than 7,500 yuan in cash, several bank cards and mobile phones. But the "owner", "Miss", the old man wins. Some passengers see ripped off, is threatened by some fat men on the bus.
The police "net" captured 12 suspects
Plainclothes police got sufficient evidence, then motioned for driving on the bus after police "net". When the bus line to the huihe boluo County Road at high speed, catching the police stopped the bus, arrested based on Lin Mousheng, Lin Moulong, Yang led 12 criminal suspects, and seized more than 7,500 Yuan illicit money, mobile phones and bank cards.
According to the police charge, now suspects confessed in several cases, only 3 of these to find victims. More victims choose to eat "yabakui", is not reported to the police.
"Guess the red and blue pencils" trick
"Guess the red and blue pencils," what the hell is going on here? Why half of the tape measure on the pencil, the suspect opened another branch? In yesterday held of press conference Shang, police to reporter demonstrates has this sets does not gaoming of "trick": police first with tape sets live red pencil, again with tape will two support pencil with wrapped around tight, if wants to open red of, on by original of way open; if wants to open blue of, on put inside of tape again in pencil Shang wrapped around a circle, again open Shi, tape on sets to blue pencil Shang has. BACK
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