Chinese new year car rental business long double

"I'm sorry, but 9 car has left several of the companies, to reservations is to hurry up. "The last few days, journalists to rental status to a number of car rental companies in Dongguan, consultation, are almost the same answer. Why is business so hot? All the car rental company's answer is quite consistent: "the Chinese new year and the Spring Festival holiday, many people would like to book a car or driving in their hometowns. "
Thick, houjie, Dongguan Xiang automobile leasing company customer service staff told reporters that the usual car rental booked for three or four days in advance in the company, also could run down, but if you want to get promptly at the Lunar New Year holiday, it is best to book ten days or at least one week in advance.
Dongguan ANDA car rental company, received from the current lunar new year holiday business, 10 small and medium commercial vehicles more popular following, has rented out to six or seven, it is estimated that prior to the official start of the Lunar New Year holiday should be hundred percent leased. In an average day, the occupancy rate is probably only about half. By contrast, luxury tour bus traffic with more than 30 seats is not. "Estimate the week-long Spring Festival holiday business will be based on the family unit home or travel, car rental age is generally less than 30 years old. "Shunda automobile leasing company of Miss Chen told reporters.
According to the reporter know Dongguan car market to Toyota, Buick, well-off middle and low-end models. According to model different levels of luxury, car rental price will be around 120 Yuan a day to 800 Yuan, or based on mileage costs, rents are generally not included in fuel fees, parking fees, bridge, tolls, illegal fees.
Consumer attitudes
Reporters interviewed a random new Dongguan people working over more than 10 in the Wan, they also have different attitudes towards car rental home, supporters argued that saving time is the most important, and some of the concern of members of the public expressed concern that an accident will disputes that cannot be solved with the car rental company, rents is that some people are not satisfied with one of the.
Also learned that when the reporter visited, new Dongguan people renting in Dongguan are somewhat inconvenient. Size on most car rental companies for the individual rental car, requires customers to have a local account or a local account security, nonnative new Dongguan people, security will not be easy to find local accounts.
It is understood that the Shenzhen, Guangzhou car rental firms have begun to promote foreign popular "two card a card" rental model, that is, customers simply provide identity cards, driver's license and a valid credit card in the country can rent a car. But in Dongguan, the reporter did not find allow car rental companies of this business model. BACK
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