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IT's "legend", entering the car rental industry, can be interpreted as: the first is commercial activity; the second is a kind of investment.
Development of the car rental industry is based on the automobile society, car rental is a business in itself. Why now China leasing industry? Why not earlier? Because it's China's auto development, cars began to enter the family, gradually prevailed. When in automobile ownership in China reached 30 million or 40 million units, car leasing began to appear, the car population has reached 7000duowanliang, the development of soil in the car rental industry.
Why China leasing industry is still weak? Because the car is not popular in China, compared with 1.3 billion people, 7000duowanliang the car's tenure, too little Chinese car community still hasn't really formed.
Form car rental industry must have two conditions, one is to have a car, and second, someone needs a bike, both in a State of separation, a car no one open, and there was no car. China used to be a grade-regardless, usually "car will be opened", this "person" is a professional driver, there is a driver of a car. In this case, is not the car rental industry. These two conditions, which need a car but did not have a car, and someone can provide service without a driver's car.
With the formation of automobile society, the car became an important part of people's lives, there are a large number of non-professional drivers, they drive just a self-serving, they need to be able to provide a car for driving cars. This demand exists, becomes an opportunity. Under the conditions of market economy, then people will find these opportunities and to provide such services. At present, China has a driver's license number more than 120 million, this is the car rental industry's contribution to China's development of space. Currently the car rental market, at least in the tens of billions Yuan, some speculate that could reach hundreds of billions worth of orders of magnitude in a few years, car rental industry market in the future must be a big cake, it is easy to see how this is a big opportunity. As a business investment, Lenovo's move was prescient.
With the popularity of cars, more and more Chinese families have cars, and transportation facilities, such as highways are more and more, "Village Road", 9.6 million square kilometers of land extending in all directions, gas stations, service stations, everywhere, motels, stores, restaurants are everywhere, people can drive freely to any place, but I can't bring the car around. From Beijing to Xinjiang's too tired to drive, and the cost in time, flying to and activities on the ground without a car is not convenient. If you rent a car on the ground, finished, put the car back, and then to fly back, is not a good thing?
In addition, for some people does not need to use the car, and in the car when you need to rent a car, return when not in use could save Normal keeping, maintenance of trouble, you can also save a lot of overhead, not a stone thing? From a social perspective, a rental car, and can be used for more people in need, more social benefits to society is also a conservation of resources.
Car rental industry needs to establish its own network, especially remote services, larger network, wider coverage, users more convenient, users will be more and better services, lower operating costs. So is a capital intensive industry, requires a lot of input, not the strength of small company is very difficult to survive in the market. Lenovo's investment of 1 billion yuan, can only be regarded as "initial investment".

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