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Now, for those luxury cars, we are not only a feast, and spend very little money, top luxury cars can be brought home.
At the opening of the 10th International leasing industry exposition of China in Jinan rental Summit, Maybach, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari and other international famous luxury cars all on stage. It is reported that these expensive models will soon enter the car rental market.
To guide consumer attitudes from buying to renting, organizers of CCPIT official said, will be in Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, 8 city tour, was the first station in Jinan.
At the Expo site, economic Herald reporter to see, apart from luxury cars, offshore yachts, golf clubs, piano, health care equipment, digital electronic products and other rental items available, these high-end consumer products attracted a lot of people come to visit in the rain in Jinan.
Has been advocating the transformation of consumer attitudes, with leasing industry people stimulate consumption and expand domestic demand, promote industrial upgrade in Guangdong State leasing company to undertake this activity. Jiang Hongwei, Chairman of the company to the Herald reporter makes a transaction, "buying a Mercedes-Benz S350, about 1.2 million Yuan, such as 8 years, all costs are at least 1.6 million Yuan. But if you lease the car, use 8 approximately 1.2 million Yuan, can also change for 3 grade with different brands of cars, and you do not have repairs, maintenance, and many other problems. "According to him, currently car rental service provides daily, monthly, annual rent and other means, off-site car, both to save resources and money.
Relevant data show that China's car rental industry annually grows at a rate of 20%-30%, national rental car about 210,000 last year, and by 2015, domestic motor vehicle demand in the rental market will reach 300,000-400,000 units, revenues will reach 18 billion yuan.
With China's transition of consumption concept and development of the leasing industry, popular leasing lifestyle in Europe and will soon be national standards. BACK
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