Why rent a car so fire

As the Festival draws near, the reporter visited Harbin automobile service company found that the "holiday economy" effects car rental market booming. so far this year the State investigation, "drunk driving" severely and forced all hotel restaurants for holiday wines sell, seize and chauffeur companies seeking cooperation.
According to reports, holiday rental crowd mainly fall into two categories, one is short term holiday, visiting friends and relatives; the other was married during the national day holiday will need to use cars. in recent years, driving training, my hot market, more and more people make owning a driver's license. " Can drive more, car rental business is better. " Industry insiders said, since last year, Harbin rental car companies have sprung up to take out, "about thirty or forty now."
A chauffeur service company official said, ahead of a lot of restaurants and they seek cooperation, this substitute driving companies to increase the amount of business, raise awareness, on the other hand the restaurant wines sell for more, more business, "this is a win-win choice."

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