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Interim provisions on the administration of the car rental industry to rent cargo management

Operating lease must comply with road transport and price-related laws and regulations, accept the road transport administration management bodies and the Department in charge of price management, direction, supervision and inspection.
11th lease operators must, in accordance with relevant technical standards promulgated by the Ministry, enhance the vehicle technical management. keep rent-a-car technology in good condition.
12th rental pricing departments at the provincial level requirement for cargo operators to lease fees charged.
13th for rental car shall enter into a leasing contract, must be used by the provincial road transport administration management bodies in accordance with relevant laws, regulations car rental contract. Contract text including: lease name of the operator, charterer name, rent-a-car models, colors, and vehicle number plates, vehicle license number, number of road transport permits, lease terms, billing practices, payment and leasing your mutual rights, obligations and breach.
Four pro-rental business to increase or decrease the leased car, must apply to the road transport administration management operating or relevant documents for cancellation.
Fifth lease operator should establish a sound security system, security measures and management rules and regulations, strengthening content management, law, education and professional training of the practitioners, and constantly improve the quality of employees.
Sixth car rental owners name is consistent with domestic car rental operators. Don't rent cargo operator-owned vehicles, without car rental vehicles are not allowed to legally operating procedures for renting Jia.
Seventh Nigerian road transport administration management agencies rental operators qualification monitor management and operational practices. for leased goods business person business qualifications, annual certification of the technical and economic conditions and business practices.
18th the lessee leased car, must produce to prove effective or personal identity documents and a certain amount of margin and, if necessary, financial guarantees must be reliable.
Nineth lessee leased car, rent a car should be checked, confirm that the rent-a-car technology is in good condition and check card, road transport certificates and other documents are complete, effective, and traffic should be onboard in all the documents.
Second lease operators and tenant rental car commercial transport, shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions in the road transportation management application to the road transport administration management bodies, review, approval, before engaging in commercial passenger and cargo transportation.
21st lease operators and when in the performance of the lessee in the lease contract dispute, should be resolved in a timely manner. Negotiation fails, you can apply for mediation of the transportation departments or for contract administration, arbitration, mediation, may also directly bring a lawsuit.
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