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Interim provisions on the administration of the car rental industry to open business management

VI business must meet the following technical and economic conditions of the car rental industry:
(A) is equipped with not less than 20 cars, and vehicle value of not less than 2 million Yuan. Rental cars are new cars or achieve a technical grade of in-use vehicles, and vehicles are complete and valid travel documents.
(B) there shall be provided in vehicles $ 5% worth of liquidity.
(C) fixed business and office space, parking lots are normal keep the rental car area of not less than 1.5 times.
(D) have the requisite undertakings and corresponding management, business management, vehicle technology, financial and accounting positions should each have a primary and above title of professional and technical personnel.
(E) have legal personality.
Article seventh operation of vehicle leasing industry in accordance with the following procedure:
(A) Street and township-level people's Governments or authorities prove feasibility analysis and business articles, business reports, credit and other relevant material to the opening of the road transport administration management bodies at the county level in the local application, after approval by the county road transport administration management bodies, municipal Road Administration institution for approval.
(B) the municipal approval of the road transport administration management bodies to review and issue (road transport operators license.
(Iii) by road transport operators license administration for industry and commerce, taxation Department, and the relevant procedures.
(D) by the number of approved the purchase of vehicles, car rentals-home card and vehicle third party liability insurance in accordance with the relevant provisions, to receive commercial road transport administration management of the road transport certificates.
Build eight roads transportation authority upon receipt of the rental business to which the application should be based on the validation of the technical and economic conditions and social needs, in 45 days to respond.
Nineth rental operators stop operating, 30th prior to the original audit, ratified the Declaration on the road transport administration management bodies and the relevant procedures, cancellation of the business, the road transport in road transport certificates, the General Administration for industry and commerce, taxation Department to handle the cancellation procedures.
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