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As the car rentals into the homes of ordinary people, some because of disputes arising from the rental attendant. To this end, the Transport Department reminded people, rent a car is different from buying a car, but should also be careful, to avoid unnecessary disputes. Xinjiang road transport authority in operation are being warned consumers rent a car go "four-step": check: rent a car going to standardize the leasing market, we must first understand the rental company to see whether companies have legitimate business qualification. II ask: ask how current condition, if the operating system is safe and effective. If problems are found it is timely to car rental companies, even some small trouble to make it clear. Try again: launch vehicles, hands-on operation, which not only helps to remember their location, and can also check their work. SI signed: understanding fees, renewal requirements, service commitments, liability for breach of contract and vehicle after orders. Xinjiang investment limited liability company in charge for car hire people to put forward three suggestions: first: faulty contact. There car goes wrong in the process. If performance problems, tourists should contact with the lessor as soon as possible, through consultations. Second: there's a accident escapes. Vehicle event of a traffic accident or other accident, the lessee must protect the scene, is not possible to escape and inform the traffic control Department and the lessor as soon as possible. If the lessee to escape, even if you return the car at the time of the formalities, vehicles were detained according to law and other legal consequences may also occur, resulting in losses to be borne by the lessee. Third: don't be alarmed if the vehicle. Once the vehicle has been stolen, lost, first to alert police to help police recover vehicle. Even if the vehicles could not be recovered, also no need to worry. Lessors generally have been in accordance with the law and contract insurance against loss, theft and third party liability insurance.
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