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Car rental when to get rid of holiday bondage

According to incomplete statistics, China's "car-free" is about more than 50 million, with the radii of extension of life, people's demand for cars is growing, due to the lower average income on the other hand, private car ownership in China is still backward, this huge gap in two for the car rental industry to provide a broad space for development. In recent years, the "11" Golden Week holidays, car rental company cars often is booked up several days in advance.
But this does not become a car rental marketing health arguments. Current car rental mainly depends on the promotion of holiday, usually ordinary car rental is very low. Poussin 2500 Yuan a month rent, and gasoline that does not include a deposit of money, was out playing than this to save money every day, so when it comes to non-holiday, for a general fit "zero rent" business visitors, this "when flood and waterlogging died, hard when dry" status for many car rental companies in a bind.
Car rental business in a foreign country has a history of more than 80 years, has accumulated a wealth of experience in operating in the market. China's car rental industry started but was more than 10 years, though there have been dozens of development from the initial to the current more than more than 2000, but history has always been difficult. So far, not to mention there are no national leasing company, and smaller car rental companies have closed down in the fierce market competition, only Avis and Hertz car rental, two giants in China also frequently run into a wall, Hertz's closing event repeated, Avis also could not get the licence to operate and unable to expand their business in the local distress.
How the car rental industry in China? National car rental at present essentially just for the high-end market, a high-end consumer groups, such as consumer groups, mainly foreign companies, joint ventures, private enterprises, etc. Another is consumer demand for upscale, such as Concierge and holiday car. Even as Hertz international car rental Giants and fly "when in Rome", also mainly for foreign companies, hotels, airport shuttle customers.
In fact, as a car-car rental service provided by the carrier, as with other commodities, according to the different levels of economic development, consumer, automotive leasing market there should be a distinction between high, medium and low end of the market. Abroad, the car rental industry is high, middle and low end of the market is very active, government official cars and foreign commercial vehicles, general consumer needs can be met. According to economic strength, consumer for different purposes, you can rent different kinds of cars in the United States to spend $ 30 to rent a nice car.
Zero point investigation company Automotive Division, senior analyst, said Wang Feng, car rental into the prices of common people also, to break the bottleneck. United States rent a car a week costs about 1/150 per cent of per capita GDP, and China accounted for 1/5, at the time of purchasing power to keep up pace of consumption, no wonder that Hertz, Avis or "acclimatized", is frustrated.
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