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How to adjust the driving position

Adjust the driver's seat: many motorists driving before, often ignore adjustment driver seat position. In fact, the correct driving posture can effectively protect the safety of drivers, if the seat position not suitable, and will affect the sensitivity of the driver's line of sight and control, or even traffic accidents.
To adjust the height of the driver's seat before driving. The correct seat height should be adjusted to the driver's line of sight is not blocked by the steering wheel, and you can clearly see all the important details and street signs. Adjust the seat height, and adjust the seat position.
First hips should be as lean as possible, and at the top between the seat cushion and seat back is best, so as to make itself more stable and does not rock. After you sit should pay attention to the location of your hands, feet, were placed in the steering column left the 9 and 3 o'clock position, then back left back, left, chairs too far back, you must forward seat. Two arm slightly bent, so that in case of accident, can effectively disperse impact forces, avoiding concentrated on the arm joints.
In addition, when left and right foot position on pedal to the end, must be able to bend the legs. If the pedal when both legs are straight, be sure to seat the previous point. Worth noting is, don't let the knee on the steering column, to keep a certain distance, otherwise it will have impacts on the foot movements, response is not timely.
-Fasten your seat belts: belts are a very effective security facilities, can effectively relieve the person forward momentum. Seat belts also has its own line, now under the car seat belt position can be adjusted. The correct location is to adjust the seat belt when not in use, and on the b-pillar with eyes the same or almost the height position. So that after the seat belt buckle, just from the chest and the clavicle pass, upon impact, too concentrated in one location so that the impact and injury to passengers.
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