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Car rental in several common complaints

Accompanied by a hot car rental market, rental car companies in a large Bill at the same time, car lease consumer disputes are also growing. Why these disputes? How to avoid such disputes? What is against the interests of consumers? Our survey conducted in Beijing, Wuhan, Jinan, consumers how to avoid the pitfalls of car rental, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.
Complaints playback a: car rental contract hidden traps in a middle school in Beijing, Li complained to reporters, own a car rental company with Beijing signed a 1-week car rental contract, signed after the discovery, there is seriously damaging the interests of customers of standard terms. Journalists from Mr Lee saw in the car leasing contract, made to the lessee's rights and obligations under the 9th paragraph of the second article of the Convention, party b (customers) should be delivered in monthly rent day party running mileage, party a shall arrange vehicle repair and maintenance. Vehicle inspection party (the leasing company) shall advise the party 1-2 days before the RAID by the specified time will be sent to the designated location, rent paid during a vehicle inspection. Lee didn't notice this clause when signing up, car rental opened two days later received a call from leasing companies, said that the car needed an orthopedist to delay Lee's car.
Mr LEE said, vehicle inspection, at least to the time of day, and now Beijing like Santana, Jetta and fukang this ordinary family cars to rent every day about 200 Yuan, if monthly rent per day to more than 100 million. What time which car inspection, rental car consumers never know most clearly by car rental companies, car rental companies rent out annual inspection of vehicles, car rental people do not pay attention to look at articles, car rental companies are not obvious inequalities fraud consumer?
Jinan City, signed the contract expressly agreed the most important consumer association reminds consumers that rental car be sure to read the contract before, check the car signed for some ambiguous terms and condition to the leasing company must be clearly recorded, so as not to end the disputes evidence could not be found.
Wuhan Bureau of industry and Commerce 12315 complaints in car rental, the command center to remind consumers must pay attention to the following points: 1. At the time of rental, to go to normal and reputable car hire companies to see whether they have legitimate business qualification; 2. Be sure to sign the formal rental contract, read the terms carefully and, if it is unfair and unreasonable to be modified; 3. You must carefully check the car from the inside to the outside, watch for scratches, damage of vehicles, to breach or damage that may arise, both sides must be agreed in advance. In may cases, it is best to find an experienced person to, judged to have no security risks.
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