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Rent a holiday fashion and water car rental

Car rental holiday fashion fire in recent days, the author learned from the many car rental companies in Guangzhou, since August, consulting car business to the public twice times more than usual. This and many people intend to take advantage of summer vacation with children short visits, together with some young people drive. Most of these people come to car rental are "car-free" car rental to meet their self-driving car addiction needs
Guangzhou automobile leasing company, the author who came to Mr song learned that his children were left for the summer, so the family decided to go out and play. Last month the song was going to buy a car driving, due to some reasons such as rising oil prices, put off planned purchases, he heard from colleagues that can now rent a holiday, then came to the car rental company. Song feel at accessible prices, models, is quite good. So he hired a five-seater minivan, going to fringe for a visit with his family.
Organizers of the summer Lady is a mix activities, General Organization Alice go wild over the weekend outing. She told the author recently enrolled number of activities than in the past to more than 1 time, before she is renting a bus of about 40 people will now need to rent two vehicles can use it. Car rental companies, she had to rent two luxurious Yutong Bus procedures.
Dongfang Hotel Guangzhou hot market, and increasingly fierce competition in the industry. It is understood that many car rental company started using various publicity means. From the largest Classifieds site 58 city network data shows July auto service channel of the website publishing rental information in more than more than more than 15,000, daily amount of 500 or so, almost 65% more than last year. Some of these companies in order to obtain better results, became 58 net o trading house. Guangzhou car rental service center and tell the author, by Web promotion company in the near future more prosperous, 80% vehicles have been loaned or scheduled, and many people have already started to book vehicles during 11 trips.
I learned that a car is very simple, as long as the copies of ID card, driver's license, and a credit card or deposit a certain amount of cash, you can go to the leasing company. According to the models, ranging in price from hundreds of thousands of, such as a common Chevy car rentals a day for about 4, 500 dollars.
Reminds of the industry want to rent the public: in front of the vehicle rental contract signed, not only to understand the content, but also to check the car. Note the lock is useful, check coolant, batteries and brake systems, etc. In addition, insurance is also an important link, share customers must understand vehicle insurance, insurance claims processing, sharing of responsibility and repair lines.
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