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Summary several Buick owners often referred to several problems in the process of in-use vehicles.
How to mist-air conditioning-Manual: open the air conditioning set the wind direction to defog mode; external circulating-air mode is set to (for some high-end models, such as the Regal), select fog mode will automatically be set to bypass the air conditioning system. Set the temperature to the maximum setting. Set the fan speed: high wind, mist the better. In order to speed up the side window glass, fog, you can turn off the Central two outlets, outlet airflow side Windows on both sides. Appropriate window also can speed up the mist.
How to defrost a car rear window defog? Vehicles equipped with rear window defroster uses heat remove grille from the rear window Frost and fog. When defroster is used, start the engine, rear window defroster control button is pressed again. 10-15 minutes (time may vary depending on different models and slightly different), the defroster will automatically turn off. To turn off this function, press the button again. Note: after a clear sight, remember to turn the defroster. Do not licence or items such as decorative patterns on the defroster heating grate.
Air conditioner odor prevention tips: air conditioning blows musty air conditioning ducts are the main causes of internal cooling water or cloudy air humidity to form a dark and damp environment and is ideal for the reproduction of mold. To avoid air conditioning odors, and we need to prevent damp mildew starts with the air conditioning system. To prevent condensation of water can reach their destination in minutes before turning off the air conditioner, later opened the natural wind, before it stops so that the temperature inside the air-conditioning ducts and recovery, reducing the temperature with the outside world, thus maintaining the air-conditioning system is relatively dry. Ambient air humidity than can't stop, so on sunny days when using natural air drying, to avoid mildew. Often open Windows or better sections in ambient air using extracorporeal circulation are also effective methods to keep air in car fresh.
Excelle sunroof used: heads have a sunroof button on the controller, open back press and hold a button down that day reached satisfactory position release the button when the window. Continue to hold down the forward button down when you close the sunroof, day reached satisfactory position release the button of the window. Always hold the button down until the skylight stops, skylight off completely at this time. Sunroof fully closed, then press forward button for skylights sloping open operation, hold down until the skylight stops, this time window back to the fully closed position.
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