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Car rental tour is the feast of hot

Face the coming Mid-Autumn Festival and the national day holiday, a lot of people who want to rent a holiday. Yesterday, reporters learned from the TfL shenhe district, Shenyang City Branch, during the Mid-Autumn Festival and national day holiday period, shenhe district within three car rental companies provide holiday car hire services, recent taxi application.
According to reports, as long as customers provide household, ID cards and driver's licenses, and delivery, ranging from 5000 to 20000 RMB deposit in advance, you can drive right car travel. "It is very rich in the three car rental companies offer cars, 7 seats of cars or minivans cost ranges from 68 Yuan to 200 Yuan, 7 per cent of the cost of commercial vehicles between 350 to 700 Yuan, low car hire ahead of the deposit. "Shenhe transport branch officials also warned that while it is in the delivery, the lessee must check carefully the proposed hiring of vehicles driving permits, road transport certificates, vehicle insurance and so on, and together with the rental company to confirm the device within the body and vehicle.
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