Service Guide
Company "good luck to the car service, quality first" business philosophy, customer-"God", is committed to the service concept to production, management of each link, specific maintenance procedure:
1, when your vehicle needs maintenance, our company will make feasibility statement according to the driver and vehicle fault condition maintenance program, recognized by your unit into the maintenance program.
2, within the city limits of your vehicle due to a drive failure, I will promptly send vehicles and personnel to the scene to repair, the city reached within half an hour, and out of the car fee free of charge, 100 kilometers in two hours, shown only to toll and fuel charge.
3, your vehicle into the repair of vehicles, our priority, quality and quantity of available 24 hours a day.
4, your vehicle maintenance from the date of delivery, under the normal conditions of use, quality, standard workshop free of charge according to the following table for repair.
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